Erik’s Trail Marathon Triumph



Our celebrity physiotherapist, Erik Pobre, competed in a trail running Marathon on September 29th. Suprising himself, he placed 8th in a very competitive pack of people!
Here’s what Erik had to say about his experience

What inspired you to get into Trail Running?
Erik: I love being outdoors but I hate “pounding the pavement”. My best friend introduced me to trail running and I haven’t looked back since!

What type of training do you do to compete in these events?
Erik: I run 80km a week on trails with some cross training. Some people say I’m crazy…

What’s the best event you’ve competed in?
Erik: The North Face 100km trail running event in the Blue Mountains. My time was 13hrs and 30 mins.

What can you expect when competing in a trail run?

Erik: Varied terrain, ranging from technical single track to steep inclines with unstable terrain.

Did you expect to be placed 8th in your last race?
Erik: No! I felt good on the day and felt strong the whole way. No accidents this time so that was a plus!

Erik works Tuesday through to Saturday at our Fitness First clinic. Be sure to book in with Erik for all your running related injuries!

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