Pronation Taping Technique


Take a look at our Instagram post, where Brendan guides us through taping for pronation control.

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This taping technique may help reduce pronation by not only providing some structural support to the arch but also buy proprioceptively cuing the wearer to control their own foot posture. It can be useful in treating patients with a wide variety of lower limb conditions including plantar fasciopathy, shin splints, achilles tendinopathy, tibialis posterior tendinopathy, patello-femoral pain and list goes on. . . This technique can be used for short term pain relief but is not a substitute for strengthening of foot calf an hips, biomechanical retraining, appropriate footwear and if appropriate custom orthotics. . . Tip: using the white hypafix underneath increases adhesion and reduces skin irritation. . . #plantarfasciopathy #shinsplints #footpain #achillestendinopathy #tibposttendinopathy #runninginjuries #patellofemoralpain #runnersknee #getactivephysio #getactive #stleonards

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