Better Back Program

Better Back Program

The Better Back Program is a 4 stage program specifically designed for back pain sufferers who need a highly structured, custom and research based program to regain mobility, strength, core stability and general fitness.

Back Pain Program

Do you suffer from the following:

If your answer is YES to any of the above then the Better Back Program is for you!

What is the Better Back Program?

Get Active’s Better Back Program is an individualized injury rehabilitation program, made specifically to cater to anyone that suffers from chronic back and/or neck pain. It is an active-based program that will educate and enhance your way of living by aiming to eliminate pain in your life.

The Better Back Program Package includes:

All Better Back Program Physiotherapists have both Physiotherapy and Sport and Exercise university degrees, and have received additional training in spinal rehabilitation.

Because each individual is different, the active-based approach of the program differs slightly for each individual, however, your Better Back Program exercises will be progressed through 4 stages:

1AlignmentFlexibility and range of motion
2Inner core unitInner core unit muscle control
3Outer core unitLarger muscle group control, more advanced exercises
4Maintenance / AthleticAdvanced, high level exercises specific to your sport, work, and functional goals

The exercise and educational based program is based on the latest scientific research available.

For more information on the Better Back Program please send through your request or call 1300 8 9 10 11.

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