Reduce your risk of injury


Generally people come to see physios after they’ve hurt themselves – but what if we told you physiotherapists are able to help reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance?

Injury prevention program

An injury prevention program is a set of movements and exercises designed to prepare the body and mind for performance with the aim to reduce frequency and severity of injury – the programs are designed to be sports specific and tailored for the necessary movement patterns involved in the sport. 

These programs have developed rapidly in recent years with evidence showing that one such program can reduce the risk of an ACL injury by up to 67% in football players.
Not only do these programs reduce risk of injury, but research has shown the programs can improve balance, jumping and sprint performance measures which translate into globally better performance!
As a result of the success of these programs massive sporting bodies have developed their own including FIFA, Netball Australia, the AFL and ARU and have rolled them out across all levels of competition to help reduce the burden of injury with great results.
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