Cervicogenic Headaches


What is a Cervicogenic headache?

Your neck is otherwise known as the cervical spine. The cervical spine is a complex and specialised part of the body, consisting of and associated with many individual structures. Cervicogenic headaches are headaches that arise due to an underlying neck condition. They are a secondary symptom that can be caused by a joint, disc and muscle associated with the neck. Often the headaches are caused by an issue with a combination of these structures. Of all recurring headaches it is thought that 14-18% are cervicogenic in origin.

Headaches in different parts of the head are associated with different structures and are often felt just on one side of the head and neck, but they can also be felt on both sides. For example, headaches around the eyes or behind the eyes are associated with problems with the upper cervical region.


What causes a Cervicogenic headache?

Many things can cause and/or contribute to a cervicogenic headache. Things like staying in the same posture for an extended period and an increased frequency of performing a specific task (lots of reading or work on the laptop). They can also be caused by traumatic injuries, like whiplash.

Obviously, not all headaches are caused by the cervical spine so it is very important to be assessed by a health care professional. Physiotherapy can be extremely helpful at improving your headache symptoms. Joint mobilisations, soft tissue release, exercises to improve range of movement and strengthening your neck and postural muscles are just some of the ways we can help you at Get Active Physio.

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