Block/Board Bench Press


The bench press is one the best lifts to add upper body strength and mass, however many lifters struggle to do this exercise without experiencing any discomfort. If you experience pain when doing bench presses, try adding a block or a board to the chest next time you lift.



Most bench pressers who get discomfort do so at the bottom of the lift whether it be due to shoulder instability, lack of mobility or stability of the shoulder blades at end of range. By adding the board you limit the range of motion which will enable you to keep training the motor pattern whilst avoiding the aggravating portion of movement.



Of course it is imperative to address the underlying causes of your pain, however if you are keen to bench whilst following your rehab protocol, try this as a pain free and strength building move. If you don’t have access to the traditional board used by powerlifters you can use yoga blocks or half foam rollers (have your training partner stabilise this on your chest if they need to).


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